Diabetes Management Program

Diabetes Management Program

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Diabetes results from abnormal carbohydrate metabolism and causes blood glucose level rise more than normal level (180 mg/dl).The early symptoms include weakness, excessive urination, excessive hunger, and thirst. If untreated the condition may affect the eyes, kidneys, nerves and can even lead to delayed healing of wounds, itching and fungal infections.

What we can do if you have diabetes?

First of all do not panic as diabetes is controllable and one can lead a healthy life like a normal person following a few dietary changes and lifestyle modifications. While losing weight and increasing physical activity can help reduce the chance of getting diabetes and help to control it, some people try drastic diets, such as fasting (or not eating for a long period of time). But such kind of diets, research have shown, are effective only in a meager percentage of people in comparison to the majority of people in whom there is deterioration of the ability of their body to handle the glucose.

So firstly we will understand the type of food you should be choosing according to your prakriti (bio-energy) and according to the effect of a particular food on your blood glucose levels (called glycemic index) and then customized dietary changes and recommendation of herbs along with lifestyle modifications will be recommended.

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