Nurture Your Future During Pregnancy

Nurture Your Future During Pregnancy

It should't surprise you to learn that the pregnancy, in fact is not confined to those sacred 9 months, when it comes to nurturing your future. It has to start quite early and last way after the birth of the child. If you dream to deliver a baby to grow up as an exceptional individual, we at diet and health strongly recommend a thorough nutrition stretegy. three distinct programs. You may subscirbe thhese together as one package or one after another to maximise the probabilities of being gifted with a gifted child, as detailed below;

I. Pre Pregnancy

Pregnancy is most unusual and blissful experience of womanhood. It's beyond doubt also biggest responsibility, which ideally needs preparations by design. Apart from others its usual to gain avg 15 kgs of weight during pregnancy. An overweight women consequently is more susceptible to problems like hypertension. They also are more likely to require a cesarean section delivery While planning to conceive you must be in ideal weight amongst others. Enroll for this program, to secure a companion to ensure you 100% readiness for this unparalleled responsibility of your life. Nurture your future under intimate guidance of Dr Chetna, who suggests a female should ideally join this course 4-5 months before conceiving.

II. Pregnancy

The most blissful experience of womanhood, pregnancy enhances a woman's nutritional needs manifolds. Its for the women to rebuild her for the motherhood and for the growth of embryo - foetus and baby through all three stages of pregnancy. Proper nutrition through the pregnancy duration ll enhance all round development of your baby. Enroll yourself, if you missed the pre-pregnancy program.

I. Post Pregnancy

Make your motherhood experience a very special taking little extra care of you and your nationals. Fulfill your nutrition needs and keep smiling. A well nourished mother is in happy disposition transferring the happiness to the child in its most natural form. Lactation would be an altogether memorable experience for you and ever rewarding act for your child. Simply enroll for this program and ensure tons of benefits, life long.

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